woensdag 19 mei 2010

Crazy Dutch people

I just saw a post at the blog A Cup Of Jo about my country and I think it's high larious. And the comments are even funnier. Apparently they think we Dutch people are one crazy nation. Yes we do (when it's possible) everything on our bikes and yes we don't wear helmets. Ohw my! Apparently that sounds just crazy in other people ears, but I have never ever felt in danger by not wearing a helmet. It's just so completely normal over here. I don't even think about it.

This is one of the comments I really liked.

"That's great...also, in the winter, I believe they commute by ice-skates as well. I'd love to visit!"

Too funny! I'm real sorry to disappoint her, but no, that's not true. We like ice-skating when the winter is real cold, but I have never went somewhere on my ice-skates. It's only for fun ;-)! But it's nice to notice that some people actually think that we are one weird nation. I think we are all actually quite alike (except from the biking ;-)..)

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  1. Haha I grew up in Alaska, so I've also heard plenty of funny questions like "Did you have to dog-sled to school? From your igloo home?" :)