vrijdag 28 mei 2010


I'm off! Three days of music and fun! Excited!

donderdag 27 mei 2010

The beautiful world of Photoshop

Same shoot. Same woman. Totally different outcome.

Altough I can imagine Madonna won't like it that these pictures will be out there, I do like them! This is NORMAL. The woman is like 50! What did you expect?

Via Bryanboy.

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Almost summerish

This weekend was perfect! Altough on saturday it wasn't as warm as they predicted (I wore a summer dress, was far away from home and it was only 13 degrees! Bloody COLD!), the sunday and monday (we were free because of pentecost) were perfection. I saw some family, went out to dinner, did some bbq and for the rest I stayed in the sunny garden with a nice mag my parents brought me from The States.

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Digging the festival feeling

On Friday I am going with my friend A. to Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf. I've never been there before, so I'm so excited!

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Write the future

Ok, something completely different.

Like I told you before I'm a soccer girl. In a few weeks from now, the World Championship soccer will start in South Africa and now, slowely but steady, the first commercials are starting to appear online. This one from Nike I think is genius. Anything can happen. You can be a world hero, or you can eat white beans for the rest of your life (Eeks!)..

Via Door de benen.

vrijdag 21 mei 2010

Who you gonna call?

I just found this movie and I have to say, I love it! No doubt it's funny, but I also love the fact that you can really feel the atmosphere from the library. Last year, J. and I ofcourse also went to the library. That was more easely said than done, because everytime we stood in front of the building it was closed or it would close in like 5 minutes. In the end we made it and I thought it was beautiful! This movie brings all the sweet memories back.

On the same blog as where I found this movie, there was also a post about the 2010 Bryant Park movies schedule. Another lovely memory. Maybe even the best one!

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Crazy Dutch people

I just saw a post at the blog A Cup Of Jo about my country and I think it's high larious. And the comments are even funnier. Apparently they think we Dutch people are one crazy nation. Yes we do (when it's possible) everything on our bikes and yes we don't wear helmets. Ohw my! Apparently that sounds just crazy in other people ears, but I have never ever felt in danger by not wearing a helmet. It's just so completely normal over here. I don't even think about it.

This is one of the comments I really liked.

"That's great...also, in the winter, I believe they commute by ice-skates as well. I'd love to visit!"

Too funny! I'm real sorry to disappoint her, but no, that's not true. We like ice-skating when the winter is real cold, but I have never went somewhere on my ice-skates. It's only for fun ;-)! But it's nice to notice that some people actually think that we are one weird nation. I think we are all actually quite alike (except from the biking ;-)..)

dinsdag 18 mei 2010


The Tumblr Tralalère is about the cutest French girl. I know her after I saw this movie more than a year ago. Too cute! A few weeks ago she went to NY (lucky girl) and she got recognized by a few people. How crazy is that?! Strange blog world we are living in ;-)..

Ps. I'm a busy busy bee! Sorry the blog is a bit down lately! After the internship it will all change! (Or not ;-), because when my internship is fineshed it's summer time and God knows I'm going to spend that time in best possible way: going to the beach and sit in the sun!) Unfortunately the end is not in sight yet.. But, today there's nobody at my department so I've got plenty of time to spend some quality time researching cute blog posts ;-)!

zondag 9 mei 2010

Giro d'Italia

Great photo skills :-P. This one is actually the best one I made, so you can probably imagine how the rest looked like..

Yesterday I went with my brother to the opening of the Giro d'Italia. I actually had to work on some stuff for school, but after waking up at 12:00 (!!) I already knew it wouldn't be a very productive day ;-). And ofcourse it's very special that the Giro is so close by now! I like cycling. In Holland we do it all the time, but not like this ofcourse ;-). In July the Tour de France is also starting in Holland, but then In Rotterdam. That's a bit further away, but still quite interesthing to go to. We'll see..

vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Those crazy hazy days

This week is great! Yesterday evening I went with J. to a concert of She and Him. I actually know the band only for like three weeks now, but I'm in love with them and the concert was perfect! I've got a little girl crush on Zooey, but I also think Mister Ward has the coolest voice. I would loved to hear him sing more solos. It was a fantastic evening.

And the fun is not over yet! Tonight I'm also going with J. and A. and F. to a concert. This time it's going to be Mika. Completely different kind of music. I think it's going to be a little party! Looking forward to it! Only 10 minutes of internship for today left!