woensdag 27 januari 2010

Be Funky

This is what happens when a friend tells you about a great website and you don't want to do stuff for school ;-)

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Oopsy daisy

Last friday a woman fell into a painting of Picasso, causing a six-inch gash in the canvas. On the blog Marvelous Kiddo there was a link to the New York Times Artsbeat blog and the comments are just as funny as with that idiot I wrote about a few days ago!

Here are some I just love:

"Was she speeding?"

"too bad it wasn't an andy warhol painting"

"Remember that Steve Wynn put his own elbow through his Picasso.....ah, the power of art to be so disorienting!"

"She really fell for that Picasso."

"Who gives a darn about a painting. Is the human being okay?"

"I'm guessing that art class just cut the cocktail hour out of its curriculum."

"Does anyone else notice a resemblance of the figure in this painting to Barack Obama?"

"Someone should send this woman a bottle of wine and tickets to the next Damien Hirst exhibition."

maandag 25 januari 2010

Big mountains

This week is a week with a lot of college stress. At the end of this week I have to make three tests, one presentation and I have to make a school programme for kids between the ages of nine till twelve. And actually I have to do a lot more, but I think this is enough. The rest will come next month.. But it is already so much that I don't really know where to start.. When I see this picture, it motivates me. So I probably should buy it and hang it on my wall so in moments of crazyness I can have a look at it and know what to do.. get my sh*t together and make it work ;-)..

Via Greedy Girl.

zaterdag 23 januari 2010


Speaking of tumblr's, the Audrey Hepburn Complex tumblr makes me everytime I visit it, also sooo happy :-)

vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Free positive thoughts

I work for a company that just introduced a new beauty brand, called Deep Skincare. For the online campaign they started a tumblr with free positive thoughts. Believe me, if you need some happy feeds, just take a look at the tumblr!

donderdag 21 januari 2010


On the blog of the New York Times some 'journalist' wrote after watching the Golden Globes that some of the actresses looked like they gained some pounts. A Maura from Chicago wrote this as comment and all I want to say is: "Amen sister!"

"are you out of your ever loving mind? i bet you are some sad man who sits alone every night and eats himself into an oblivion. first the michael hall comment and now this? in what realm of reality is a size 2, 5 foot 4 woman fat? if you look at any health website at an BMI index you would see that they most likely UNDER weight. before you go ahead and ruin some young girl out there who thinks she has to starve herself to be pretty - think about the fact that you, as a journalist, have the power to make that girl think that she is worth something. why don't you take that route? why be a sad individual who clearly has some issues of their own and ruin some stranger's life? why don't you show yourself in THOSE EXACT DRESSES and let us judge you? then once you see how it makes you feel, you'll think twice before being such a pompous jerk. and as for michael hall, i personally never watch that show, but as a 'journalist' (and the air quotes are because i'm pretty sure if i actually call you that anymore the real journalists out there will genuinely be offended) MAYBE you should hire and intern to fact check for you. you deserve all the wrath you are getting for both of this inhumane comments. the man has cancer and all those women in my humble opinion, need to eat a cheeseburger.

love, maura (a 5'10", 150 lb women who is engaged - just in case you thought maybe i was sad, alone and overweight)"

Via T magazine.

woensdag 20 januari 2010

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Easy does it

Oohw, I'm really digging this bag. Think it's great! But one of my many resolutions was to not buy stuff I don't really need and I've been already not doing that well after I ordered a Jimmy Choo bag from H&M (with discount! If that's any excuse ;-)). The Jimmy bag has not arrived yet, so I don't know if I will still love it in real life and not only on their website, but I think that's probably not going to be a problem ;-)..

Via Girlscene.

maandag 18 januari 2010

Fantasizing about this year's summer

Last saturday I had the vacation meeting with my friends. Accept of last year, the three year's before we all went together on a vacation, but like I said, last year we didn't, because we couldn't find a location we all wanted to go to. I really love to go with all of my friends, but I don't want to pay a lot of money to go somewhere I don't really want to go to. So I was quite curious if this year would be different. But it was! To my surprise we talked with each other and found out that we actually have some locations we all would like to go to! On top of that (little) list there's Sziget festival in Budapest (Hungry). I'm so surprised my friends would actually like to go there, because they never talked about it, but that doesn't matter ;-). At this point it's not 100% sure, but I do like the plan. Hopefully all works out!

Last week I was also quite busy with searching for a internship for the second half of my college year. I had a interview with 3! women of a international publishing agency of three 'design' magazines. I'm hoping to get the job! Vingers crossed!

Ps. The picture was taken two years ago at the Greek island Crete. The people on the picture are the friends I'm going together with this year (again, if all works out ;-))..

maandag 11 januari 2010

High five from New York

Hihi, funny video. If you look to life like that, nothing can get in your way :-)

This video also makes me feel to wanna go back to that lovely city. My parents are now preparing themselves for a trip in april and I'm a bit jealous. This saturday I'm going to my friend L.'s place together with my other friends and we're going to talk about this summer and what we want. I'm looking forward to it, but when it comes to organising a vacation with all my friends there's always a lot of trouble. Everyone want to go to an other place so it's going to be hard. I still don't really know what I want for this year. Do you already know it?

Via Far Out Brussel Sprout.

donderdag 7 januari 2010

A little trip to Prague, day 3 (final)

One of the many trams in the city.

A beautiful statue.

A really great shop...

My mom, brother and me at the bridge with at the back the famous church.

The church by night.

woensdag 6 januari 2010

Never a year like '09

Ok, ok. I'm a little bit late with this movie, but I just saw it and I think it's so funny, so I can't not show you it ;-).

I really liked all the movies that are made with a round up of last year, but I think this one is the best. Altough it's kinda only about the US.. When you watch all these movies you're also remembered of all the great people that died last year. Not a fun fact, but it's good to think about them one last time..

Via Swordfish Media.

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Her morning elegance

Today I thought I had to work on a presentation for college for tomorrow, but I got the great message that the presentation is prosponed to next week so I had a lovely free afternoon. A great reason to surf around the internet. There I noticed that there were a lot of blogs posting about Project 365. It captured my attention. Project 365 is about taking a photo each day to see your life in a whole new way.

On the website they give 3 reasons why you should consider doing it (1. Being able to look back at any day of your year and recall what you did, who you met, what you learned. 2. An amazing way to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. 3. It will make you a better photographer.) They convinced me. I think it's a lovely way to look back on your year (and life).. Now I first need to check if my Flickr account still works and then we're off!

maandag 4 januari 2010

High tea, snow and new year's resolutions

One of my new years resolutions is to make more photographs. This because I love to do it, I love to see them (I can really enjoy a nice photo) and because it's so much fun to have them for later.. And ofcourse it's also the most interesthing part of someone's blog (my opinion), so enough reason to go for it..

Unfortunately I have the worst digital camera ever. I have it now for approximately 6 years and altough it has the sweetest size, it's not good. So here's another resolution: save money and get myself a really nice camera. Last year I already wanted that, but then I choosed to spend my money on my baby and NY. Not the baddest decisions, but the craving feeling is still there. But at this point there's no money where I would like to have it (in my pocket ;-)) and so I have to save. That's good for me. Absolutely. But also hard haha :-P.. We'll see..

These pictures above are some I made yesterday with my oldy camera. We have snow for two and a half week now and it's still not dissappearing. That's not normal for The Netherlands. I can't even remember the last time we had this much snow for such a long time. I love it! Everything is so winterwonderland like. Only this morning I did not liked it that much. That's because I was on my bike (Dutch people do everything on their bike, even with a ton of snow ;-)) and the roads were awfull! Not the smartest decision, especially when you consider that the bus stops right next to my house.. Whell yeah.. What can you do about it ;-)..

Yesterday I also had a high tea at my friends A.'s place. She lost her job a few months ago and said that she would throw us a high tea when she would have a new job and today she started with one! It was really lovely. Almost all my dearest friends were there and A. made a lot of the nicest things. J. acted like a real hero by driving trough the snow and over the iciest roads. But she did it great! Compliments to her ;-)!

Now we are back to business. The vacation is over and today I'm at work and tomorrow I need to get back to class. Blegh ;-). Wish the holidays never stopped ;-)..

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

An amazing 2010

I had a wonderfull old year. I went to one of my friends places and there we just sat, talked, drinked, laughed and played old fashioned games. It was a great way to end the old and begin the new. I hope you also had a wonderfull night!!

On the picture you see me on the left and from me you see my lovely friends S., J. and A. We tried to light some firework, but it was quite windy and freaking cold, so we were very happy that it finally all worked..