dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Oopsy daisy

Last friday a woman fell into a painting of Picasso, causing a six-inch gash in the canvas. On the blog Marvelous Kiddo there was a link to the New York Times Artsbeat blog and the comments are just as funny as with that idiot I wrote about a few days ago!

Here are some I just love:

"Was she speeding?"

"too bad it wasn't an andy warhol painting"

"Remember that Steve Wynn put his own elbow through his Picasso.....ah, the power of art to be so disorienting!"

"She really fell for that Picasso."

"Who gives a darn about a painting. Is the human being okay?"

"I'm guessing that art class just cut the cocktail hour out of its curriculum."

"Does anyone else notice a resemblance of the figure in this painting to Barack Obama?"

"Someone should send this woman a bottle of wine and tickets to the next Damien Hirst exhibition."

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