maandag 4 januari 2010

High tea, snow and new year's resolutions

One of my new years resolutions is to make more photographs. This because I love to do it, I love to see them (I can really enjoy a nice photo) and because it's so much fun to have them for later.. And ofcourse it's also the most interesthing part of someone's blog (my opinion), so enough reason to go for it..

Unfortunately I have the worst digital camera ever. I have it now for approximately 6 years and altough it has the sweetest size, it's not good. So here's another resolution: save money and get myself a really nice camera. Last year I already wanted that, but then I choosed to spend my money on my baby and NY. Not the baddest decisions, but the craving feeling is still there. But at this point there's no money where I would like to have it (in my pocket ;-)) and so I have to save. That's good for me. Absolutely. But also hard haha :-P.. We'll see..

These pictures above are some I made yesterday with my oldy camera. We have snow for two and a half week now and it's still not dissappearing. That's not normal for The Netherlands. I can't even remember the last time we had this much snow for such a long time. I love it! Everything is so winterwonderland like. Only this morning I did not liked it that much. That's because I was on my bike (Dutch people do everything on their bike, even with a ton of snow ;-)) and the roads were awfull! Not the smartest decision, especially when you consider that the bus stops right next to my house.. Whell yeah.. What can you do about it ;-)..

Yesterday I also had a high tea at my friends A.'s place. She lost her job a few months ago and said that she would throw us a high tea when she would have a new job and today she started with one! It was really lovely. Almost all my dearest friends were there and A. made a lot of the nicest things. J. acted like a real hero by driving trough the snow and over the iciest roads. But she did it great! Compliments to her ;-)!

Now we are back to business. The vacation is over and today I'm at work and tomorrow I need to get back to class. Blegh ;-). Wish the holidays never stopped ;-)..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. je foto's zijn super! en (heel cliche) het is niet de camera die het hem doet maar de persoon die de foto maakt

  2. Veer, nice pics! We had a lot of fun that day! And I still keep on laughing about Anne respecting her own food on Hyves hahaha.