donderdag 21 januari 2010


On the blog of the New York Times some 'journalist' wrote after watching the Golden Globes that some of the actresses looked like they gained some pounts. A Maura from Chicago wrote this as comment and all I want to say is: "Amen sister!"

"are you out of your ever loving mind? i bet you are some sad man who sits alone every night and eats himself into an oblivion. first the michael hall comment and now this? in what realm of reality is a size 2, 5 foot 4 woman fat? if you look at any health website at an BMI index you would see that they most likely UNDER weight. before you go ahead and ruin some young girl out there who thinks she has to starve herself to be pretty - think about the fact that you, as a journalist, have the power to make that girl think that she is worth something. why don't you take that route? why be a sad individual who clearly has some issues of their own and ruin some stranger's life? why don't you show yourself in THOSE EXACT DRESSES and let us judge you? then once you see how it makes you feel, you'll think twice before being such a pompous jerk. and as for michael hall, i personally never watch that show, but as a 'journalist' (and the air quotes are because i'm pretty sure if i actually call you that anymore the real journalists out there will genuinely be offended) MAYBE you should hire and intern to fact check for you. you deserve all the wrath you are getting for both of this inhumane comments. the man has cancer and all those women in my humble opinion, need to eat a cheeseburger.

love, maura (a 5'10", 150 lb women who is engaged - just in case you thought maybe i was sad, alone and overweight)"

Via T magazine.

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