vrijdag 18 september 2009

New York, New York Day 4

On monday we stood up very early so we wouldn't had to wait in line to go to the Statue of Liberty. At 8:30 we were almost the first at the ticket boot. What we didn't knew, but what a nice surprise was, was that the first 1000 people (I don't remember the exact number) would have access to the monument. We didn't had access to the crown. All those tickets were unfortunately sold out.

The arrival hall for the immigrants. Impressive place.

A picture made of some immigrant children.

The subway station of Wall Street.

Wall Street..

Wall Street..

On sunday we saw that there would be a free ciname night on monday at Bryant Park. We thought that that would be a nice thing to do, so we did. And it was great. This was one of my highlights of the trip. We came to the park at about 6 and had to wait till 9, but it was worth it. Not because of the movie (How green was my valley), that was actually quite boring and difficult to follow, but because of the atmosphere in the park. Everyone was chilling and chatting and having fun and it was realluy nice to sit in between and just observe..

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