zondag 27 september 2009

This might just be his masterpiece..

Last night I went with my friends F. and J. to the cinama to see the movie Inglourious Basterds and ohw my gosh, it was brilliant! I really really loved it. My friend F is really into this kind of movies and she thought it was even better than Pulp Fiction, so that means a lot! I loved Brad Pitt with his accent (so funny, specially when he tries to talk Italian!). I also really liked to perspective where this movie is made in. Normally every movie about the second world war is about what really happened and this time it's not. It's pay back time for the jews! So great. And I also really liked the reactions from the other people who were watching the movie. At the end of the movie people even apploused haha!

Btw, I'm sorry for the Dutch subtitles in the trailer!

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