woensdag 30 september 2009

New York, New York Day 5

After a few days we found a really nice breakfast place. We also had already found out that a bagel with an orange juice were the most perfect preparation for a busy day. The bagels (toasted with creame cheese) were lovely. I still miss them..

On tuesday morning we went to the Guggenheim museum. I loved the building and the collection of the museum. I also really liked the fact that the audio was for free. Normally I wouldn't have choosed to take one, but now it was for free it was an eye opener. The woman (on the audio) told us a lot of things we wouldn't have known or seen without it. So the next time I'll go to a museum I'll probably take one!

Inside the Guggenheim museum..

Our lunch, which was great haha!

After the museum we spend the rest of the day shopping. I bought.. a lot.. Haha.. I bought a t-shirt and a scarf at a GAP store on fifth avenue, UGG shoes (I wanted them for years so this was the perfect opportunity. In Holland they are way more expensive), a Michael Kors watch (wich I also wanted for a long time) and more..

Photo: Doutzen Kroes (Dutch supermodel; our pride ;-)) in the showcase of a Victoria Secret store. Before our trip to NY I was thrilled to go to a Victoria Secret store, but after we finally found one, it was not that exciting after all..

Forever 21 store. In comparison with the Victoria Secret store, this store did match up with all the things I heard. Loved it. J. did too ;-). We spend a lot of our time and money here.

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