zondag 25 juli 2010

Summer lovin'

Hi guys!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting, but the simple excuse is that I'm enjoying summer to it's fullest.

Last week my internship was finished and now I don't have any obligations. I don't have a job and I have to say, I'm loving it! Since I'm 14 I always worked a lot in the summer, so when I knew that after my internship it would all be finished I decided to keep it like that for a few weeks. After I'm back from my vacation I will search for something new, but for now I'm sucking up all the free time I'm now enjoying. Weeks with completely no plans. It's the best. Wake up at half past 9. Enjoy breakfast. Watch some tv. Go to the beach. Buy a new camera. Play with it (it's my new love). Sit in the garden. Drink wine. Eat fruits. Read books. See my friends. THE BEST!

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