donderdag 11 november 2010

Sometimes it's hard

This week has been bad. Very bad. A lot of bad things happened, but the worst possible thing that could happen and did happen was me killing my baby.

I still can not believe this happened. I remember everything. Every move. The shock.

And like I wrote, this wasn't all. More bad things happened. School is not perfect. Friends are having relationship problems. An internship didn't work out.

It all came together this week and it feels like there's a thick dark cloud above my head. I have to figur out how I can change it into something positive. First and most importantly I really need to find a job. After my last internship I didn't had a job anymore and for all this time that wasn't a problem. I saved some money and I didn't bought crazy things. But now the finishline of those savings is in sight and after destroying my baby there's only a big black hole left.

Luckly it's almost weekend which means I'll see my boyfriend soon and I can change the bad thoughts for the happy ones!

Ps. I'm also sorry I don't post much anymore. The truth to be told, I'm a bit bored by it. For a couple of weeks now I participate in a course how to build websites. I'm learning a lot and love it so all my energy is over there and not here. I'll try to post more regurarly and maybe I'll change the settings of the blog someday. But for that I need time and I don't really know when that will be ;-)..

Cartoon via Stuff No One Told Me.

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