donderdag 11 juni 2009

Gone with the wind Part I

One and a half month ago, I went with my mother to the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen. It's an open-air museum, about a typical Dutch village that existed about one hundred years ago.

I really like this museum, because of it's surroundings. The museum is situated in Enkhuizen, which is a village next to the IJsselmeer (that's the biggest lake in Holland). To get to the museum you need to step into a boat, which will bring you to it. That's already nice. Then, you can walk trough the museum, get into the small houses, get an old-fashion school class or learn how to make wooden shoes and eat a nice smoken fish. Those are all ingredients to have a really nice day.

But, there was a surpise. There was an exhibition called 'Gone with the wind'. It was about the fashion of now, inspired by old fisherman clothing. There was an exposition inside the museum that wasn't very spectacular, but there was also an exposition outside the museum, inside the open-air area. That one was really nice. Students of Dutch fashion academies made an outfit of a black fabric that can face all kind of weather for months. This, because they made it as a remind of the fishermen's wives, that in the old days would wait for months on the long dike for their husbands to return.

When we were in the boat, we could see the woman stand and get bigger and bigger. It was a really nice and very impressive picture. The outfits were also really well made.

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