dinsdag 16 juni 2009

"Tender, gripping and altogether remarkable"

Last night I went with my mom to the movie The Wrestler at the movie theater in my town. The movie theater in my town is really small and they only show the better, smaller, typical movie theater movies. It's really different from going to a normal cinema. It has a certain special atmosphere, that's really nice to enjoy.

When we came there, we thougt that it would be a real guy movie, because of the fact that the women were a minority, but after seeing the movie my opinion changed. There are some really tough parts in it (mostly the wrestling bits), but most of all it's a real tragedy. I really felt for the guy. He's not that bad, but sometimes just not so smart and that makes his life hard.

Conclusion: Go see the movie! And btw, he should have won the Oscar! Altough I haven't seen Milk, I can't imagine how this can be done better..

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