maandag 31 augustus 2009

New York, New York Day 2

Ground Zero.
Very inpressive place to be. Also a strage place to be. When I walked around there, all the memories came back. My brother who came to my room to say some airplane hit some tower in NY.. The second airplane I saw hit the second tower on tv. The sounds. The towers tumbling down.. The terror..

We also went into a the Tribute Centre next to Ground Zero. It was a museum about the history of the Twin Towers, about what happened at 9/11 and about all those people who died on that horrible day. It made a huge impression on me. Now writing about it makes me still very angry and sad..

After that impressive morning we decided to make a walk around Soho, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District. In the beginning of the walk we already stumbled into this cute market.

At that market there was a performance of a group of elderly people who sang: "We're gonna rock tonight! We're gonna rock, rock, rock.. We're gonna rock around the clock". They sang it with moves and all.. So funny!

J. infront of a very cheap Mark Jocobs store. I already read about at home but didn't thought about it when we were walking. So by coincidence we saw some people waiting inline, walked to it and then the alarm bells went off and we immediately also went into the line. The store was really tiny, but great. Bought a nice bag..

J. and me infront of the house of Carrie of Sex and the City! This went kinda the same as with the Marc Jacobs store. We walked into a street and saw some Japanese woman make pictures of one house in special. So the alarm bells went again off and I asked them why they took photos of the house in special and they asked: "Well, do you know that serie, Sex and the City?" And I was like "Yeah!!" haha! Coincidence, coincedence..

Some dudes playing basketball.

View at the Chrysler Building..

Meatpacking District..

Original mac and cheese. It was delicious!

An unsuccessfull photo, but I think it captures the atmosphere of New York great..

The Empire State Building.

View from the Empire State Building. My photocamera isn't great in the dark, but it's better than nothing..

More view..

A guy playing the saxophone. What more can you wish for?

It was a 'bit' windy at some sides of the building ;-). Very nice if you wear a light dress. It caused some Marilyn Monroe moments ;-)..

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