donderdag 3 december 2009

A little trip to Prague, day 2, part 2

A statue of the most famous writer of Prague, Franz Kafka.

One of the 'highlights' of Prague, a clock that goes of every hour which should have been very nice, but when we stood there and it 'all' happened we thougt it was a joke. It wasn't nice at all, but very old and short. I wouldn't recommend it!

But every tourist who was in Praguwe still had to see it, because they also all thought it would be nice..

An other 'fairytail' like church. It reminded me of the castle of Cindarella or a building in Russia.

The church by night.

Me acting silly. This is my wintercoat by the way. It's from the Spanish brand Desigual and I just love it :-)

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