dinsdag 8 december 2009

"Maybe he has never been to a mall?"

First of all, I want to sincerely apologise for not posting for four days! Yesterday I went to a birthday party of my friend S. and some of my friends (I won't call names, F. & J. :-P) were not very happy about me not posting and they wondered where I've been this weekend that I didn't post. Sorry guys!

Saturday it was the 5th of December what meant that it was 'Sinterklaasavond'. I don't celebrate it with gifts with my family (We celebrate Christmas with gifts, but I will celebrate it with my lovely friends in one and a half week!), but my grandpa, aunt and uncle did come to our house and we ate together which was really nice. (I did get the British Vogue (december) of my aunt and a ticket whereby I need to open a new box each day and if I'm lucky I could win a lot of money, so fingers crossed!)

On Sunday I went with my mom to Amsterdam and there we saw the Dutch most famous designers Viktor and Rolf! They were signing a fairytail book they made. Really cool, but the book was too expensive for me so I only watched. But it was so cool! They were really kind and also quite normal. I always thought they were a bit strange, but now my opinion changed completely! I made a lot of photos, but I can't find my cord to get them on my computer. When I'll find it, I will show them to you!

For now a funny trailer of a documentary about the truth around Santa :-).

Via NieNie Dialogues.

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