woensdag 30 december 2009

Spoiled brat

Gosj, I've been such a spoiled brat this week. First I got a load of presents of my parents, brother and his girlfriend on Christmas eve and then I went to the Ikea on monday and got this beautiful bed I was dreaming of for ages. Tomorrow it's going to be delivered so I can't wait to put it together and have all kind of nice dreams in it!

Today I went with my dad to a telephone company and bought myself this beautiful phone. At first I doubted between this phone and a Blackberry Bold, but after a nice talk with a guy in a store he convinced me to not buy the Blackberry, so here I am.. Now I'm really excited to get to have this phone in my hands, but first I need to wait for one whole month before I actually can do that, because the store didn't had the phone so they had to order it.. That was quite a disappointment, but ey, now I've got something to look forward to :-)..

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