donderdag 18 februari 2010

School, school and euhm, did I mention school?

Oef, I've been a bad, bad blogger! I just had some really busy weeks. I'm a third year student (Media, Information and Communication Management, direction Information and Media) and in my first year I missed some weeks of school caused by the not so nice disease Pfeiffer. In that period I had to make a website. Because I wasn't able to do it than and because of laziness last year I'm now at a point I have to make it or otherwise I'll probably have a major (how Victoria Beckham of me) problem.. So I'm doing it and it seems not that difficult at all! But it is a lot of work (I have to make a website like they did in the Stone Age, with only html-codes).. I also still had to got to work, shop, go to the carnival and loads of other stuff, so the blogging wasn't my first priority.. I'll try to be better ;-), but I can't promise anything, because next week I'll be for a couple of days in Milan and Turin, Italy. Yeah, I know. Life can be hard :-P..

Picture via Tactus.

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