dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Milan, day 1, part 1

A lot of soccer scarfs. On the bottem left you see a scarf with the name Sneijder on it. That's a great Dutch soccerplayer who plays now for Internazionale, so it was really nice to see they are proud of him.

The floor in the Duomo Santa Maria Nascente.

Ohw I love this church. It's so amazing and beautifull!

On the roof of the church.

View over Milan.

A statue..

A Italian collegue of mine advised me to go to a bakery called Luini and get a panzerotti. It was absolutely worth it! When we came there, there was a line to get into the shop with only Italian (and some Japanese) people. It's hard to explain what a panzarotti it. It's kind off a fried roll filled with mozzarella and tomatoes, so so nice!

In the middle of the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II.

OMG, the icecreams in Italy are so the best! This one was with straciatella, melon and yogurt.

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