zondag 21 maart 2010

Milan, day 1, part 2

I don't really know what kind of building this is, but I do know it was beautiful...

The day after we were in Milan the fashion week started. There were a lot of nice dressed people in the city, but I don't know if that's just normal or not. I did get inspired a lot. Unfortunately I was so 'scared' for the cold because of the last months in The Netherlands that I was dressed very warm, but not that fashionable. So when I came back home the first thing I did was dressing up pretty :-)..

A picture of Madonna in the window of a Dolce & Gabbana store. We did a lot of window shopping..

Just a random street..

Another random street.. Very Italian stylish with the mopeds.

Cute cheese cake :-)

The Duomo Sante Maria Nascente in full frontal. Ohw so nice!

In the evening we went to the San Siro stadium, because the soccermatch Internazionale - Chelsea was happening there. We did not had tickets, but we thought it would be nice to just walk around the stadium. When we got there, there were a lot of men who wanted to sell tickets to us for a big price. We didn't wanted to pay such a price, but after a while the match started and they still got their tickets, so at last they sold us three tickets for only 40 euro, which is very, very cheap for a Champions League match.

Then, when we had the tickets we still had to get inside the stadium and that wasn't so easy as we thought, because they didn't wanted to let people in who bought a ticket at the black market. After a while my dad smooth talked to a guy and then we we did got in.

And it was so much fun! Those Italian people are really funny to sit in between. They are so enthousiastic! I didn't care at all about the match and who would win, but when I sad between them I just did like I wanted Internazionale to win. The match ended in a win for Inter, so the atmosphere was great :-)!

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