woensdag 6 oktober 2010

"It's a BANJO!"

Since my brother showed me a clip of Mumford and Sons in the beginning of February I was eager to see them play life. Unfortunately they didn't performed at any of the festivals I went to this year (which is quite amazing if you think about the amount of festivals they played at and the amount of festivals I visited. It wasn't meant to be I guess), but luckly I was able to get tickets to a concert of them.

The concert was one week ago and I still get very hyper when I think about it. The concert itself was already great, but I could never have dreamed it would be this amazing. After the first part of the concert was over and they came back on the stage to sing two more songs they told the audiance they wanted to do something special, because they had never played in such a big 'room'. They pointed to the back of the hall and said "See you later". After a view minutes some people started to scream somewhere in the hall, but we couldn't see anything. After a while the crowd split up and Mumford and Sons and the band Old Crow Medicine Show (I had never heard of them before, but after this concert I LOVE them! YouTube them!) walked straight at us. At first I screamd: "Aah, they are going to walk straight next to us!". But then when they stood infront of us they stopped and started to play the song Wagon Wheel. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, but it was really happening. I made this video, so you can imagine how lucky I was!

Great, great evening! Mumford and Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show are for always in my heart. They can't ruin it anymore ;-)!.

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  1. Amazing what they did, i would be very overwhelmed.