woensdag 22 september 2010

Sziget, part 3 (final)

F. is digging GWAR.

GWAR. What can I say? I have never ever seen something before. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. BIZAR!

A. protects herself against the heat and has at the same time a men magnet in her hands. How handy.

The Hives. Really great performance.

Madness. Party time!

More Madness.

Entrance of the island.

So, so kisseble.

The Black Box Revelation from Belgium.

Sziget has everything.


Faithless. Wonderful evening.


Main stage.


Mika. Just as lovely as always.

F. and J. got hurt badly when I left them for a few hours. I've learned my lesson.

L. , A. and I got interviewed for Hungarian tv. Some day we will be famous ;-)!

Shoe moment.

S. and A. did some karaoke. Tina Turner. Rollin'! How cool?!


More Kasabian.

Last day, last concert, last time partying our asses of.

I was so SO tired, but I'm so glad I did not went home, but stayed. Maybe the best moment of Sziget this year!

Kees van Hondt was the guy who made this all possible. He's a Dutch dj who plays weird music. Everyone brings the funniest things with them. So much fun. I think it's a Dutch thing. If you're not Dutch you'll probably won't understand.

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