dinsdag 8 juni 2010

Pinkpop, day 1

The singer of The Temper Trap. They were so cool and nice at the meet and greet :-). I was already looking forward to this gig, but now I actually shaked their hands I'm a fan for sure ;-)!

On this hill al lot of people watched the festival for free. Quite cool if you live in that area and you can just chill and enjoy the music like this. On the other hand, if you live nearby you would buy an actual ticket right?

Me and A. . I'm wearing my Kasabian tee :-)

The Gossip. She was so nice! We couldn't see her well unfortunately, because it was so crowded in the tent, but we did hear her loud and clearly. She was great! And after every song she thanked the audience in Dutch with the sweetest girly peep voice.

Rammstein! Ohw my! I thought this was one of the coolest gigs I've ever seen!

It was amazing! Rammstein was already THE band I was thrilled about before the festival and the gig itself was even better than I hoped for. It's not like I'm always listening to their music or so (I'm not a scary chick ;-)..), but I do like to hear it once in a while. I think their songs are high larious.

The performance was also high larious. They made a sketch of themselves. Before the concert started and everyone was waiting for them their was a huge black curtain infront of the podium. Then their was a loud bang and the curtain dropped. Everyone expected to see the band, but instead of the band their was a new curtain. This time it was the German flag. So funny! The relationship between the Dutch and the Germans is still a bit tence (Just a little bit! But you can't deny it's not), so cheering for the German flag was a bit weird but oh so funny, because it feels a bit wrong haha. Then that curtain also dropped and the concert started. The lead singer had a butcher apron on and a little light in his mouth. Wrong, so wrong. I know! That's why I loved it! And like this the show went on and on and on.

The keyboard player of Rammstein.

He had a big role in the show. Funny guy. At first I thought he was so scary looking (all in leather), but after a while he changed into a glitter suit and made the weirdest movements. FUN!

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