woensdag 16 juni 2010

Pinkpop, day 3 (final)

The Maccabees.
Kate Nash. Quite the dissapointment. I really liked the song 'Foundations', so I was looking forward in seeing her, but I thought the concert was not good. She sang off key and screamed most of the time. Also her lipstick was all over her face. I felt bad for her if I would stand in her shoes. I would not like it to have a clown face when a couple thousand people are watching me..

Skunk Anansie. I don't like her, but A. wanted to see her and after a while I have to say it wasn't that bad. I actually knew some songs and she smiled all the time, so I think it was contagious.

One last pic of me and A. Still rocking the 'poncho'...

And there he was again. My secret lover. Ok, now I sound like a freak. I'm sorry ;-)..

A. and I wanted to have a good spot for Mika so we went a hour earlier to the stage. It was just in time, because after we came there it got very crowded.

I really like this picture. Those pink hats are a every year thing. A lot of people buy them. They are pink, because of the name of the festival.. PINKpop :-)

Another fun picture.

And after a while Mika even took his shirt off! Happy times ;-)

And last, but not least. Pink. Loved her. I love her songs and think she is fierce!

At the end of the concert she came back on the stage and got into these ropes and flew over the crouwd! So cool! I knew she did that in her shows, but I didn't expect her doing this at festivals. But well, no mountain is big enough for Pink as you can see ;-)!

Loved the festival! Already looking forward to Rock Werchter in a couple of weeks and ofcourse Sziget in August :-)!

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