zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Pinkpop, day 2

A. walking to the festival.

C'mon en Kypski. Great show. Real fun. They are also going to perform at Sziget this year :-)

Me acting silly :-)

Mando Diao. I thought this show wasn't that great.

A. and I partying our poncho's off ;-)!

The show of Green Day. Also a high light! I didn't expected much of it and thought that 2 hours would be a very long time, but from the moment the concert started I loved it! The singer is really energetic and funny. Every song was fun and it wasn't a moment dull. At the end there was a lot of firework and twice we thought it was over, but then they came back on the podium again and played more songs. So great! It was a lovely night..

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