dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

New York, New York Day 7 (final)

Thursday was our last day.. The time really flew.. After packing our bags we went to the Museum of Modern Art. I didn't really liked everything, because some things are just too 'modern' for me (I don't really get why a white piece of paper is art..), but most of it was great. Specially the upper floors.

At one of the rooms in the museum there was a ungoing art project. You had to wait in line and then you had to stand next to a wall where they would write your name and the date on it (altough you can't really read our names.. And they wrote my name wrong! How hard can it be?)..

And when a lot of people do this, you'll get a really nice effect on the walls. So now a reminder of me and J. is still inside the museum. Really great idea..

Rock and roll art..

A piece of art that's really cool. If you look closely you can see a woman in a mirror. When you take some distance you'll only see a scull.

The view from the museum to the garden..

Another part of the view..

One of the most beautiful pieces in the museum. A really nice big painting..

Ohw, I really love Klimt.. This was one of the first paintings I saw in real life. When I was younger I made a paper about him and I had a calander of him on my wall.

When I was in Prague two weeks ago I also saw a really nice painting of him.

The starry night of Vincent van Gogh, Dutch pride ;-)!

When we got out of the museum we had to go back to the hostel because we had to go to the airport. When we walked we couldn't cross a street and I asked why we couldn't to a cop and he told me the president was coming! So unbelieveble cool!

When he drove by everybody started cheering and yelling. Really cool. After he came by we could cross the street and ran to the hostel. There I texted my whole family to tell them I 'saw' the president. I went totally bananas. My family probably to because it was like in the middle of the night for them to recieve my message ;-)!

And the final photo. One of the gym in the hostel. Made by me while the guards were telling me it was not allowed to take one. But I thought the gym was really cool. So American. You'll never see such a thing in The Netherlands..

And then the trip was over.. Well, not totally. A van picked us up from the hostel. Because of the president whole Manhattan was crazy and the car driver was in a lot of stress. When we left Manhattan she turned somewhere where she wasn't allowed to and immediately a police car stoped us. They approached the car with their hands on their gun and asked our driver for her papers. Eventually they just gave her a fine and she was totally relieved, because she was scared she had to go to court. After that we arrived at the airport and had to wait, and wait, and wait.. Because we already were to early and because of the president, again.. Ohw, that damn Obama ;-)..

The flight back was great, but we did had to run at the airport of Londen to catch our next plane. We made it all in time and when we arrived in Amsterdam my mom stood there as a surpise. A perfect ending of a faboulus vacation. J. it was greater than great! I loved it and I'm very blessed with a friend as you!

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  1. Jaaa Klimt is awesome ik had zijn kalender. Ik hou echt van zijn werk en dan vooral de omhelsing en de kus.