maandag 26 oktober 2009

Inside Anna's world

Last weekend it was a filmweekend in my home town. The whole weekend, from the morning till past midnight they showed all kind of cool movies inside the theatre. Unfortunately, on the saturday I didn't had time to see any of the movies they played, because my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniverserie with a big party. Altough the party was really fantastic, I missed the movie New York, I love you, which I really wanted to see..

Yesterday I did had time and altough nobody else could come with me, that didn't stop me from going. So I went and saw the documentary 'The September Issue'. I thought it was fascinating. I really loved Anna's and Grace's eye for detail and their workspirit, but what structed me was that it looked like they didn't enjoyed doing it at all. They looked sad, tired and alone.

Before the movie started, the famous Dutch couturier Edgar Vos (who worked for Dior) told something about his work and what he thought about the movie. That was also very interesting. I'm really glad I went, it was the perfect sunday afternoon.

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