zondag 18 oktober 2009

New York, New York Day 6

On wednesday we made a reservation for the afternoon for the Sex and The City tour. So we had no programma for the morning... That's why we thought it would be nice to have a look at Coney Island.

Perhaps we went to early because when we got there (after a small hour in the subway) nothing was open jet and it was quite quiet. I did like to see it, but maybe it's better for the next time (;-)) to go in the afternoon / evening instead of the morning..

We walked around there for a while and then sat on a bench and watched other people walking around.. After a while a schoolclass came and went into the attraction park. That was really cute, because they were screaming at the top of their lungs, while the attraction itself wasn't scary at all..

Coney Island..

Coney Island..

The fountain of Friends of the theme song.

In line to get into the bus for the Sex and The City tour.

The Pleasure Chest. A seksshop where Charlotte bought her bunny in the serie..

Restaurant Buddakan from the movie. That's the reataurant where Big and Carrie have their party before the day of the wedding (where Miranda says to Big that he would be stupid to marry, bacause marriage ruins everything) and where some celebrate new year (in the movie).

There's a really funny story behind this restaurant, because a few days earlier J. and I stood right infront of that door and said to each other that we thought the place was closed and that that was a good place to have a minute to watch on our maps... Whell.. We were wrong. And not a bit, we found out with this tour..

A playground where a lot of famous people go to with their children. Unfortunately, we didn't see anyone famous..

THE Magnolia Bakery. The best place of New York if you ask me..

A Bookshop where (also a few days earlier) J. bought a book for her brother. We didn't knew this place was also in a episode of the serie.

THE cupcakes..

Ohw my Gosj, I can sing for hours songs about this greater than great cupcakes. They were the best! That's one of my biggest reasons to ever go back to New York ;-)!

A few weekes later, in August, it was J.'s birthday and I bought her a book of The Magnolia Bakery so she can make these cupcakes for me whenever I want them ;-)!

The pub of Aiden and Steve..

Inside the pub of Aiden and Steve..

Drinking cosmo's. Now the day was complete :-)

After the tour we went to a very nice Mexican restaurant and ate these really nice wraps..

And drinked these great frozen cosmopolitains..

Just like the movies..

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoihoi!
    oooh wat super dat je in NYC bent geweest!
    wat zou ik daar graag heen gaan, zeg. :)
    en die cakejes zijn zó schattig he!

    je blog is echt heel leuk, ik volg je :)


  2. That cupcake looks so yummy!

    re:hahaha I agree on what you said about Pitt, best fake accent ever, indeed:)

  3. ahhhh I lived in New York for 3 months whilst on an internship and never even went to Coney Island!! Love your pictures though, reminds me of all my favourite places. xx