donderdag 22 oktober 2009

Dear Zachary

Most of the times I write happy posts about happy things, but last night I saw this movie / documentary and it wasn't a happy one at all, but it did was very impressive and shocking. I never heard about this documentary, but after a few minutes I was already totally into the story.

It's a 'letter' made by a friend of a guy who got murdered by his girlfriend who's pregnant of his son. He makes a trip through America whereby he talkes with friends of the guy who's killed. When I watched it I felt so sad about that little boy and also thought that it would not be nice to hear all those people talk so badly about his mom (altough she murdered his dad, it's still his mom).. But when I thought: The movie will now be soon over, there was an other part of half a hour whereby I couldn't believe my eyes! Horrible, just horrible.. But also very impressive and a nice gesture of the maker to his friend..

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