zondag 29 november 2009

A little trip to Prague, day 2, part 1

My mother, me and my brother on a boat for a little trip of an hour on the river Moldau. Here we had a nice view from the city. Behind us is the famous bridge of Prague.

The church.

A hanging statue of a woman on a bridge.

My brother wearing a kippah, otherwise he wasn't allowed to go into the Jewish church and cemetery :-). The Jews suffered a lot in Prague during the second world war. This was a very impressive building, because all the names of Jewish people who died in Prague were written on the walls and you could see a lot of things (drawings of children) from that period.

One of the Jewish cemeteries in Prague.

Outside the cemetery there were some stands where you could by some little things. I bought a nice necklace with my name (like Carrie from Sex and the City).

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