dinsdag 24 november 2009

You know I'm here waiting for you

Last sunday I had the best day. First I went with my dad to a soccer match (yes I'm a soccer girl, an Ajax girl to be exact) that went really well, because they won with 5 against 1. That already made my day. In the evening we knew there would be a concert of Franz Ferdinand next to the stadium. We also knew that altough the concert was sold out, there still were a lot of tickets on sale online. Because we both like Franz and we had no other plans we thought: "Why don't we try to get cheap tickets?" (when we went to the Arctic Monkeys a lot of men stood outside the Heineken Music Hall to still sell tickets for a very low price). So we called a guy who said on the internet he would be at the concert hall before the concert en we bargaind and before we knew it, we had two tickets for only 45 euro's (the real price was 35 euro's for one ticket!).. This all was great, but because I did't anticipated this to happen I didn't listened to all of his music so I didn't really knew what to expact, but in the end the concert was amazing! I actually knew a lot of his songs and the ones I didn't knew were still very danceble. It was a surprisingly great evening!

1 opmerking:

  1. haha mijn vader&broertje waren ook naar ajax!
    zij zijn ook voor ajax dus haha ze kwamen vrolijk terug :)

    ik had franz ferdinand live gezien op pinkpop, was geweldig, ze zijn super he!

    X Michelle