dinsdag 20 april 2010

And if the people stare then the people stare

I love bandshirts. They are the perfect souvenir of a great evening (when bought after a concert).

A few weeks ago a store in my city closed and therefor they sold their last stuff with a great discount. I found a tee of Wolfmother. The tee is so bad (think black, design less tee with picture of fairylike horse) that I actually think it's really funny. I didn't knew if I actually liked Wolfmother, but I knew they are going to be at the Pinkpop festival and I'll be there to. The t-shirt itself only costed me 3 euros, so for that kind of money you can never have a bad buy. Last weekend I thought it would be a good idea to begin with some 'homework' for the festivalseason and started listening to Wolfmother and to my surprise it's a real good band! So the t-shirt is defenitely going to be a piece of my Pinkpop wardrobe ;-)..

The tee above is ofcourse beyond great to be true. Unfortunately it costs 60 bucks, wich I think is a bit too much for a t-shirt.

Via Design is mine.

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