donderdag 8 april 2010

M'ama non m'ama

I think Tilda Swinton is an amazing woman. I first saw her in the movie The beach (great movie btw. Also a real classic. Love Leonardo! Love Thailand :-)) and there she already made a big impression on me. After that I saw her in several movies and ofcourse she was the muse of Victor and Rolf.

Now she is doing an advertisement campaign for a Italian jewelry brand (Pomellato) and I think the intro on their website is really pretty.

She's kinda like a chameleon. Every time she looks completely different from the time before. But one thing is for sure, she always looks great.

It's funny to notice that on the website where I found the news about her and Pomellato all the reactions were about the fact that she looks so thin in the picture and the commercial. I didn't noticed that at all. My opinion doesn't change. I still think she looks great. Yes she looks thin, but she's always been like that and it fits her image. She's edgy. I don't think she's a role model for young girls and I don't think she has a eating disorder. She's a chameleon.

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