woensdag 28 april 2010


J. and me last year infront of the Carrie Bradshaw house. Sweet memories :-)

This morning my parents got on the plane to my beloved NY. I'm sooo jealous! Damn! I would kill to taste a nice Magnolia cupcake again! Walk the streets, sit on the cute benches and just smell everything. But for poor me it's not going to happen..

Ofcourse I know I may not complain! And I trouly hope my parents have just such a blast as J. and I did!

But now it's almost a year ago that I've been there, the feeling that I need to go back is getting bigger and bigger. And reading all those lovely blogs of people who actually LIVE there are not helping me ;-)!

But I can ofcourse profit of this situation, gnagna ;-). I gave my parents a 'little' list of things I don't mind if they bring that home for me!

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