zaterdag 3 april 2010

Turin - Milan, day 2 - 3 (final)

A tiny, beautiful church. We were the only persons in the church (except for one old men who cleaned the floor) and that was really special. It's nice to sit quitely in a church and to be all alone with your thoughts.

View from the church over Turin.

The national film museum housed in a very high, but beautiful building (the Mole Antonelliana). My mom and I did'n went into the museum, because we didn't had time and we also thought we would'n know any of the Italian films, but it looked great! We did go in the elevator to the top of the building to have a very nice view.

A part of the view. The elevator was made from glass btw. My mom loved it, but I thought it was scary as hell! I love 'scary' rides in ausement parks, but I hate depths. If I stand on a high building, it's no problem, but you should not put me in a ferris wheel or a elevator from glass ;-).

In the evening I went to my dad (he was in a bar with my brother and some friends) and together we went to the match Juventus-Ajax. Ajax lost the game unfortunately, but it was still a great night :-).

Some of the supporters of Ajax brought a fire torch with them.

The next day we went back to Milan. Because we had some time left before we had to go to the airport, we went for a quick hour to the center of Milan to eat a last ice cream. When we left the subway, we walked over this stairs. I wrote about such a stairs a couple months ago, so I loved to see it in real and to notice that it really worked!

The last ice cream. Maybe the best part of Italy ;-)..

All kinds of different flavours.

A last shot before we went into the subway again..

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