woensdag 7 april 2010

Such a heavenly way to die

Last weekend I finally, finally, finally saw 500 days of summer! Loved it! So nice made and original! Loved the actors, the clothing and especially the music!

After I saw the movie I asked my dad about if he knew The Smiths. Well yes he did. Apparently he listened to it a lot when he was like my age. He still had some cd's and now I'm also a fan. The lyrics are so great!

When I was watching the movie, I noticed this song and I did not knew from who it was, so I took my baby junior and found out it was The Temper Trap. I LOVE this song. It has everything in it. And just as I am writing this post I remembered that I will see them twice this year! YEEH!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. just watched that movie 2 days ago. love that song by the smiths.

  2. hij hij blijft leukt! ik heb hem weer te vaak gezien maar hij is zo schattig, en ik hou van het einde. en the smiths :D :D